4 Tools for Visual Learning


Are you navigating learning new tools working remotely, skilling up after layoffs, or shifting careers entirely? Instead of the long lectures and group discussions reminiscent of the traditional education of childhood, you can create your blended learning environment at home using a variety of learning styles. Here are my top 4 tools for visual learning:

1. Mind Mapping

This can simply be done on paper or created digitally. MindMeister is a great virtual tool, directly linking websites and resources inside your mind map. What kind of things would you mind map? Brainstorming, writing essays, taking notes, learning a language, planning an event, studying for an exam, planning business strategy, designing user experiences, onboarding employees. Here are a bunch of examples of digital mindmaps.

2. Visual Journaling

Nothing can replicate a good old fashion brain drain on pen and paper. There’s scientific evidence that journaling helps with mindfulness, memory, and communication skills. A recent study shows journaling improved immunity by re-writing traumatic events. Stream of consciousness brings distractions and subconscious thoughts to the surface. To make Journaling more visual, add drawings, colors, lines, shapes. Or, try a digital journaling app like Paper, Notability, or Inkflow Visual Notebook.

3. Smart Notebook

Sometimes writing out everything on paper can be messy and create visual clutter. Smart Notebooks allow you to write, draw, QR scan and email your pages, and erase afterward. I have the Rocketbook Fusion. Erase, re-use, and keep your thoughts organized digitally.

4. Teach It

You finally get to teach the way you learn best! Teach someone (anyone!) the concepts you are learning using a visual learning style. Add graphs, charts, photos, videos, illustrations to your resources. Have your “students” engage and express through drawing. Teaching always solidifies your knowledge on a deeper level. It’s my favorite way to cement and clarify that I know what I’m teaching.

Try it Yourself!

Experiment with all different types of learning. Discover the method that works best for you. What are your favorite tools for learning and retaining new information?

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